You may hear a regular beeping tone during your conference if you or one of your participants are calling in to the conference line from your cell phone or home phone, and have call waiting enabled. When you hear a tone notifying you that another call is coming through, that tone also plays into your conference call for all participants to hear. That is why we recommend turning off call waiting during your meeting.


Occasionally, you may also get a loud blaring sound into your phone. This is usually feedback caused by another electronic device like a Blackberry or laptop. If you get this noise, try moving away from those devices and the feedback should stop pretty quickly.


To find out from which line a disturbance is coming from, you can use the Online Meeting Room. This will enable you to view the call while it is in progress and you will be able to see where the disturbance is coming from, as that caller's tile will still be active (with a blue highlight around it) when no one is speaking.

You can also moderate the call from your phone or computer. To learn more about this, please visit the FAQs section of the Support Center, or type 'Moderate' in the search box above.