1. Try the following

  • On a computer use Chrome or one of our Desktop Applications for Mac or Windows

  • On your phone or tablet install and join our mobile app*

2. If you are still experiencing poor audio and video quality. It’s probably because your internet connection is unstable.

For real-time video conferencing to be successful the internet connection needs to be stable not just fast.  Your internet connection can be fast and work very well for Netflix and other types of non real-time video streaming but if it’s unstable, this will cause problems when doing video conferencing.  Stable means that the time it takes for video to go from your computer to the video server in the cloud remains constant and doesn’t change very much.  When that time increases suddenly the video takes too long to arrive at your computer and will freeze until it can catch up.  If this is happening regularly it can cause a lot of video freezing or audio break ups.

If this is happening the application will try to reduce the quality of video you send and receive to try and maintain smooth video at a lower resolution.

What can I do to improve my internet connection?

Try these steps in order:

  • Make sure you are in fact close to your wifi router. Try to be in the same room as the router if possible.

  • If you are close to your wifi router, you can try getting a USB to ethernet dongle for your computer to eliminate wifi interference, from neighbors, as a possible source of unstable internet connection

  • Contact your Internet provider. Often the internet signal strength is low coming into your house or office building causing the network to be unstable

    • We can provide you with technical details you can pass along to your internet provider to help show them the problem, just ask our support team!

Is my computer the problem?

Sometimes if you have too many other applications or browser tabs running on your computer this can slow down your computer’s ability to process a video conference.  Closing down unnecessary applications and browser tabs before you start your video conference can help make sure this isn’t a problem.